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Dear Parents, 


Welcome back to all of our families returning on the 1st June, and the following days/weeks. Whilst we hope you are all enjoying a sunny half term, we are so looking forward to seeing the children back at nursery next month!


Please note, when returning to Paws, children will be grouped into ‘caterpillars’ and ‘butterflies’. The children will stay within their groups for the next half term whilst at the setting. We will have visuals around nursery to help the children to remember their group, however it would be helpful if parents are also aware of their child’s group, in case we need to direct drop off/pick up times in terms of groups. Children born on, or before, 31st August 2016 are ‘butterflies’ and those born on, or after, 1st September 2016 are ‘caterpillars’. The children will be aware of these groups as they are pre-established in the nursery.


We are keen to help prepare the children for their upcoming changes in September. ‘Butterflies’ will be leaving nursery to go up to their ‘big schools’, and those ‘caterpillars’ born on, or before, 31st August 2017 will return to Paws in September as ‘butterflies’. We always work in conjunction with the local schools to help prepare the children for their transition, and although teacher visits will not be possible this year, we will all work together to ensure the transition from pre-school to school is as smooth as possible.


Our topic for the half term is ‘People Who Help Us’, and weekly topics are laid out in the Information Sheet. This topic is used as a general guide for planning activities; however, we do expect that, certainly initially, our most important goal will be settling the children back into the setting and general routines of nursery life. Please do feel free to contact us via email if you have any specific concerns/worries that have arisen over the past 2 months that you anticipate your child might need any additional help/support with.


I’m aware parents have received this information, however I will highlight again below the specific measures relating to COVID-19 that will need to be followed by parents and staff. Please remember, that it is the responsibility of each of us to help limit the spread of COVID-19. The government has advised that parents should try to ensure they are not mixing with big groups outside of their educational setting. Parents should still be practising social distancing with other adults. We expect parents to take this responsibility seriously, in order to protect our staff who are working to ensure your children can receive their early education at this time.


Please read the below carefully to ensure you understand the expectations from both yourselves and the nursery. In order to minimise the risk of infection at nursery, here are some of the measures that will be taken:


Parents to adhere to social distancing when dropping off/collecting children. Please stand 2m apart in the play-ground and do not approach the doors. Please have your child ready to enter nursery (bag on back, lunch in hand) where they will be called by a member of staff to enter. Once bags are placed on pegs, child and staff member will then wash hands at sinks and enter the nursery. The same routine will happen, in reverse, at collection time. It would be helpful, where possible, for parents to explain this routine to their child before attending the setting. Staggered drop off/collection times may be introduced.


Paws Nursery will not provide shared drinking/eating tools (such as cups, spoons etc) so please ensure your child has their own labelled drinks bottle, and anything they should need to eat their food, packed in their snack/lunch box. Anything that needs cutting/peeling etc, will need to be done by parents prior to attending nursery.


Children will use our extensive outside play space as much as possible. Learning activities and group activities will take place outside wherever possible.


Social distancing is not only impossible, but also not required by any government guidance, once children are in the setting. Practising safe hygiene routines will help minimise the spread of any infections. In addition to normal hygiene routines (washing hands after toilet, before eating etc) children will be asked to wash their hands at specific periods throughout the day, and be supervised by a member of staff.


Children will either be in ‘Caterpillars’ or ‘Butterflies’, and will stay within that group for the entire half term.


Resources will be minimised and certain areas of the nursery will unfortunately be kept closed for the time being until further guidance is released (eg. the home corner).


Following normal nursery hygiene practise, surfaces will be kept clean using disinfectant, and cloths will be disposed of after single use.


Floors will be mopped throughout the day (when children are in the garden) with bleach, along with the regular deep clean of the nursery at the end of each day.


Disinfectant spray will be used throughout the day for regularly touched areas (eg doors, toy boxes etc).


Whenever children are outside, a staff member will be undertaking cleaning duties inside the nursery.


It is VITAL that if your child, or anyone in your family, displays symptoms of COVID-19, your child is kept away from nursery for 14 days. Any child that displays symptoms whilst at nursery, will be isolated from the group, and be asked to be collected from nursery as soon as possible. They will then be unable to return to the setting for 14 days unless they have undertaken a COVID-19 test which produces a negative result. Please note the extension of testing is now available to children from the age of 5 – if/when tests are available for Nursery aged children; these will be useful for parents.


Further updates on practice regarding negative/positive testing will be released once tests for under 5’s and relevant guidance are available.


Our COVID-19 practice with regard to those experiencing symptoms also extends to our staff, of course. The government has assured the public that school/nursery staff will be given priority testing if necessary, and this is very useful for settings.


Please be aware, the staff at the setting will be constantly reviewing the measures that are in place to ensure the safety of staff and children, therefore further updates could be expected to be sent out throughout the term.


We want to thank parents in advance for being co-operative with these measures. We are looking forward to seeing your children back at nursery and continuing with their learning and development in an environment set out in order to do so, whilst also keeping children and staff safe.


Kind Regards


Paws Nursery School